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Beratung. Bildung. Begegnung.

Beratung. Bildung. Begegnung.

Let's Talk ONLINE

Eine weiße Sprechblase vor grünem Hintergrund, mit dem Inhalt "How are you doing?"

Jeden 4. Donnerstag im Monat - Anmeldung immer bis Montag vor dem Treffen telefonisch (09131 / 205022) oder  per Mail

English conversation

You would like to make use of - or improve - your English conversational skills? Here is your chance to have conversations with friendly people in a comfortable atmosphere. A native speaker is present to guide us through the evening.

Due to continued Covid-19 measurements and according to the preferences of the majority of our participants, we will continue to have the conversation evenings online for the time being.

We use the tool "jitsi" for videoconferencing. It is very easy and comfortable to use both in your web browser or as an app on your smartphone, can be used free of charge, and requires no registration at all. If you have any questions about the technical requirements or procedure, please do not hesitate to ask!

The internet address of the session and any material provided by the "teacher" will be distributed to participants via e-mail a few days before the class.

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